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Friday, December 30, 2011

All that glitters is not Goals.

Would you believe that my goal for this new to have less goals?

It's true. Rather than pencilling in an extensive myriad of lofty goals that are multifarious and unnattainable, I've decided that my number one goal will be to plan LESS, to expect LESS, and to appreciate MORE.

You see, I'm a roadrunner; an excitable artist that blows with the wind. Yet I juxtapose this fanatical nature with perfectionism. If there's one thing a "Jane of All Trades" can't afford to be, it's a perfectionist.

The multi-tasking and list making extends so far into my day that sometimes before bed my mind races with static like a ill-tuned radio, waiting for someone to reach over and tweak a knob back into the reality zone.

Therefore I think I need to pull the plug on the static for a while, and tune in to what really matters: peace, reflection, family. I'm not abandoning all of my projects...just bringing my expectations and goals into the realm of accessibility. I hope the other "over acheivers" out there can do the same for this new year.

Speaking of goals, I've fallen behind even in the last few days with continuing holiday celebrations, friends visiting, and crafting projects. I meant to post some great thrift treasures I found the other day at a special little "out of the way place" (and I shall) but speaking of glittering gold, I wanted to make sure to share with you the best recipe I've ever found for home made jewelery cleaner!

It was so amazing that it was (in fact) the reason I feel behind the other night in the first place. I got so excited by how well it worked that I ended up spending three hours cleaning all of my jewelry, haha! Even a quick dip in this solution immediately brightened up my brooches and vintage rhinestones, and all of my rings turned out fabulously with a little soak and scrub. Most impressive was a silver necklace that was literally BLACK with tarnish. I had tried other methods of cleaning it over the years without luck and was almost ready to give up. After a one hour soak with scrubbings in between, I'm glad to say it's back, and looking fabulous.

So here it is! The easiest home made jewelry cleaning solution EVER that works so well!


1 cup water
1 tbs dish soap
1 tbs baking soda
1 tbs salt

Heat water for approximately 2 minutes, then add other ingredients and stir. Soak jewlery for 10 minutes before cleaning/scrubbing.

I imagine this would keep quite well in a jar for a few days or even longer if it didn't become too dirty (depending on the state of the jewlery you are cleaning).

Have a great Friday! I hope to post one more outfit shot before the new year is reigned in.

Bless you and yours...and enjoy every minute of it.

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