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Monday, December 12, 2011


Things started off on a good note with this $2 Otagiri vintage owl mug. Tea time!

This cute little vintage suitcase fit my laptop perfectly! I am a sucker for vintage suitcases. I have a huge Samsonite collection. I seriously find them impossible to pass up!

There is so much great lace and monochrome going on this season, I couldn't pass up this stretchy lace top.

When I saw this yard of super vintage polyester I had a flashback to 1979. I decided I would take it to sew a dress and I saw this in my mind:

All I did was wrap it around my dress form but now you get the picture! In all reality it looks great just gathered this way. Hmm...shall I dare make my own pattern?

This was a vintage "In The Mood" suit. It came with a matching skirt for only $1.59! You might think it looks matronly but I love this. I will rock it proper.

Vintage polyster.

Nice little vintage brooch for 99 cents!

Just some cheap little chains that I intend on doing other things with...I liked them because they were both under a dollar and very long!

Laurel Burch earrings! So adorable. They caught my eye right away. I'm posting a picture of my swans (also Laurel Burch) that I bought last year for 99 cents. I just LOVE these and I've gotten many compliments on them. Check out a bunch of fantastic vintage Laurel Burch here on Ebay, if you want to drool a bit.

Cute little pearl vintage clip-ons!

Vintage Rhinestone clip ons! $3. Your cheapo gal deliberated over this; my big purchase of the day, lol...

My friend is a registered dietitian (R.D.) and bought this pin for her. How perfect, right?

All in all it was a great thrifting day! I also bought some board games and books for my son, along with a neat children's chair!

I must admit; I've been spending about thirty dollars a week thrifting in the last month. That adds up...for a family with a modest income. I don't smoke, and I don't really drink. I also don't go out to movies or spend much of anything on entertainment. Since thrifting is my main source of clothing and household items as well, I'm justifying my habit. Please...tell me what I want to hear? Hahaha!

In lieu of my guilt, I think I'll force myself to simmer for the rest of December and save my remaining pennies for Christmas. The rest of my blog entries this month will be craft and outfits. Unless...of course...there is something too good to pass up.... :D

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