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Monday, December 5, 2011

Teal With It

OUTFIT: Vintage "Buey Too" dress. This dress was $2. It has a super light floral pattern that you can barely see until you get up close. So cute. SCARF: was another thrift find--just 99 cents. BROOCH: is vintage. My boss gave it to me and I LOVE it. Have you tried arranging a simple winter scarf this way? It goes from being a plain scarf to something so pretty and decorative. A pin or brooch keeps it in place. BELT: is a vintage belt that pops up often in my posts. Today I accidentally broke the band off the side so I put a teeny tiny black rubber band on one side to hold things into place. I don't like "tucking" the end in because it is uncomfortable for me and makes the belt twist. For this reason. I usually choose belts that are small because I know I will be belting high up on the waist. BOOTS: are from 2 years ago. I bought them at Walmart for $20. This year I re-purposed them by cutting off some braiding, moving things around, and fixing some broken things. They were a super cheap pair of boots but I made them last two seasons! They will be around next year but I'll likely retire them. A good pair of brown leather boots will be something I will have as a bigger purchase next year. BAG: Vintage Samsonite. I am a sucker for it and collect them. I can't help it. I have this same bag in fire engine red! It's just so cute. GLASSES: 99 cents, Dollar Tree. BRACELETS: The teal bracelet was from the dollar store--a funky independent one I frequent near my house. The awesome chain mail bracelet was hand made for me by my jewelry making friend, Penny! Check out her beautiful stuff at her Etsy store, Firewater Jewelry!

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