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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One thing...

Hello everyone! Hope you've had a beautiful (and hopefully extended) holiday weekend! Today wasn't quite back to the grind for me because I came down with a little bug after Christmas. But I'm slowly feeling better and I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be at 100%.

THE OUTFIT: 100% thrifted for under $10. Vintage polyester dress (no tag inside) was from Hope's Outlet in Muskegon ($1.59) and the belt was too! Normally I'm not the hugest on bright florals but the '70s look and fun red color of this dress made it a hit with me. The bonus is that it hangs so nicely on curves if you are lucky enough to have them. :D The purse I thrifted long ago but I'm certain I paid no more than $2 for it. Candies peep toe camel heels were something I bought at Goodwill in Grand Haven for $3 last year, and the bracelets were little penny trinkets. The earrings are vintage Laurel Birch (my fave!) and I got them for 99 cents at Lakeshore Mission Thrift. Finally, the infinity scarf was a long piece of scrap jersey I bought at Hope's for .49 and then tied together. That brown/grey seems to go so well with everything!


ONE THING I'LL DO TODAY: I included this because it was a fun little idea I had to help preserve my sanity. See, I'm a type A personality who dabbles in everything and expects to be perfect at it all. So often, I heap my plate so full that I drop everything and crash out. I thought this might be a neat idea to help keep things in perspective; if I can just choose ONE special thing a day in a few different categories, maybe I can feel productive and satisfied at being cross-curricular. Let me know if you try it! I bought this picture frame at Dollar Tree for $1 and used a permanent marker on the glass for the categories. I then wrote in the blanks with dry erase so I had a form I could write into and erase everyday. I hot glued an old silver jewelry chain to the back and installed a fancy hook on my vanity so it can hang in my bedroom and I can write on it in the morning. The flower I made and hot glued (more of those "scatter" jewels, a fake flower, and upcycled "hounds tooth" petals!).

Have a great day...don't overwork yourself!

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