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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brussel Sprout Couture (Hair accessories DIY) and holiday flower pins!

I always save these mesh bags from oranges, lemons and Brussel sprouts. I've seen cute things done with them before but I didn't know what I was going to use some for until it hit me last night, as I was making some homemade holiday flower pins for my hair!

Here's what I used for this project:

--2 batches of fake flowers from Dollar Tree ($2)
--Hot glue gun
--1 package of clip on barrettes (also from dollar tree for $1)
--Red plastic jewel from a bag of jewels called "Table scatter", also available at Dollar Tree for $1 (a whole bag of them, different sizes!)
--Scrap of old leather

As you can see, I just deconstructed the flowers from the stem, and then rearranged them back together, hot gluing the petals. After I was done, I simply put a strip of hot glue along the back. I know you've seen these done a million times and yes, they are ridiculously easy. You could use any flower, and any style clip you want. I like using the barrettes because they really stay put.

Here's where things got fun though. I've always loved the vintage veil/tulle style head peices--I have quite a few of them (here's a list of pretty ones on Esty). It occurred to me that my recycled mesh bags would be great for this. YES! So I did my own colorful and whimsical version using the petals from the flower, the mesh, one of the plastic jewels from the "scatter bag" and a scrap peice of leather--though you could use anything as your backing.

These could also be secured to a hat or glued to a headband. Oh how much fun you could have if you are the mother of a little girl...but grownups like them, too.

Have fun and if you make a tulle or flower piece, I'd love to see it on my Facebook Page!

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