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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thrifted Micheal Kors and More...

On a thrifting adventure last week I came across all of these wonderful treasures: a snakeskin leather Micheal Kors belt (one dollar!), scarf and vintage gloves from the sixties ($3 for all), another nice teal leather belt for 99 cents, a precious little carved wood white owl and a vintage ceramic owl plaque (both for $3), carved wooden angel for 99 cents, 2 old rings that I am using to make DIY statement rings with next week for 99 cents, a blue cute cocktail ring for $2, a neat long gold and pearl necklace for 99 cents, pink button clip on earrings (also vintage) and these adorable little vintage plastic dishes for .49 cents a plate and .29 cents per teacup. They have that awesome vintage plastic stamp on the back...I'd guess they are late 60's, robin's egg blue. So darling! I only bought a set of three plates, salad plates, saucers and tea cups. What a score!


  1. Thanks Adrienne! :) I love taking pictures...the blog lets me exploit fashion and photography...hahah!


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