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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brick Road

OUTFIT: Coat was my great grandmothers, it's a London Fog vintage wool. Love it sooo much. The shirt was a strange tunic type top (thrifted of course, for a few dollars), but I loved the colors and the neat collar so I had to have it. It is "Robbie Bee" brand. It was this strange length though--kind of "mumu-ish". So I hemmed it to be a shorter dress/shirt to wear with leggings or jeans, and I like it much better this way! Boots are Walmart...they have been circling around a few other entries (God, I'm cheap!) and jeans are Lee. I actually bought these at Dots for $10. The belt and the purse were both new purchases (Merona for Target) totaling about $25. The red/orange handwarmers were another Target find--clearanced for $2 at the end of the season last year! I love the brick color. Honestly, they were part of the main inspiration for this outfit!
Bracelet was a clearance "Falls Creek" item at Walmart for $3. Earrings were a thrifted for one dollar.

Makeup was fun today; I did a smoky eye with a goldish brick color, a dark brown, and a frosted sage. Lips were neutral.

Hey! I curl my hair by wrapping it around the barrel. If you like that look--wavy, not traditional curling iron curls--here's a great tutorial for you! Let me add that this year I FINALLY got a professional curling iron (thrifted ofcourse) and it changed my life. If you curl your hair often, get a super hot iron (pro or ceramic) because they rock.


  1. Chantal! How is it you look exactly like you did high school?! :-) Subscribing to your blog. I need serious fashion help and am also in to all things crafty!

    Camille (Van Buren) Gabel

  2. Thanks Cami! :) That's the best compliment I've gotten in a while, lol! It's hard being in your thirties and seeing those fine lines appear...

    I'm so glad you found my blog! Yours looks super cute too! I'll subscribe, you had me hooked at red velvet pancakes! :)


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