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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas Sweater Party Issue

The lovely hostess and dog of the hour.

My band, Chantron! We played the party. From the left: Mikey, Trav, yours truly, Kate, Jimmy, and Eric.

Sarge busted out his cute sweater AND the scarf I made him!

Here's a cute idea as a sub for a Christmas sweater if you're heading out to any sweater parties over the next week or so and want to be comfy--pajamas!

Of course we both chose to rock the vests! Mine was denim and embroidered with Christmas trees and festivities, hahah. I actually LIKE Jenna's and I've told her this before!

No one can resist this dog!

Silver bells! And gold ones. And striped ones. And ones that are dangling from crocheted bows.

Overjoyed and filled with the holiday musings of Christmas beards past!

Rocking the snowman

I'm totally jealous of this awesome Christmas Marushka! :) Super cute. Perfect for it's owner, though!

Do you have a ridiculous Christmas sweater? I'd love to see it on my Facebook or Twitter! Hook me up!

Also, for local cats--just a little tip--still seeing plenty of Christmas sweaters out and about at local thrift stores. Rescue Mission Thrift in North Muskegon, MI (new store that just opened up) has a ton right now!

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