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Monday, December 19, 2011

Thrift Review: Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift, Grand Haven, MI

Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift

(616) 604-0267

1015 S Beacon Blvd

Grand Haven, MI 49417

Today I'm reviewing Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift in Grand Haven, MI! I gave this store a rating of 4/5. Honestly, the only reason why I gave this store only 4/5 is because they have quite a small collection of clothes and shoes, and I feel that those items are somewhat overpriced. However, the wonderful thing about any Mission Thrift store is that you KNOW the proceeds are going to some wonderful purposes. The local Rescue Missions in both Grand Haven/Holland (Holland branch website here) and Muskegon are amazing places with amazing people supporting our community's needs.

They have a nice, clean store and a lovely collection of Christmas items--including trees and any other decoration you could possibly hope for!

This store carries moderately priced new furniture and also used furniture as well. The table shown above was a dark wood with four matching chairs and priced at $125, new, which was very reasonable! They day I arrived, furniture was on sale--at %20 off I believe! The newer furniture is always very nice!

You can't really see the detail in this interesting rubbing because the pictures were taken with my ipod while out and about...but I like the Mission Thrift because I can usually find interesting art there. I bought a Marushka canvas (without the frame) for $1 here! The day I arrived to review the store, there was a 1/2 sale on artwork, wallhangings, green tag clothing and also long gowns. Good stuff--I love sales!

There was a great selection of purses and jewelry at this store. Another plus is a very clean selection of toys. When my son was a baby, I was very particular about toys I thrifted, and this was one of the locations I loved the most, because staff really takes care to put out toys that are clean and in great condition. Thank you for that, Mission Thrift. Most thrift stores do not like dealing with toys, and I can imagine why!

Overall, I think this is a nice little store and I scored some awesome items while I was there: a cute vintage suitcase to fit my laptop for $3, an original Otagiri owl mug for $2, and some other neat finds that you can check out here: $17.50 (not all items pictured are from Lakeshore Rescue Mission thrift, though).

Let me tell you one more thing I love about this store: the staff. Everytime I go to this store, the same woman is working. I wish I could tell you her name but I'd bet a million dollars if you go, you'll see her. She is the sweetest thing. Not only does she take the utmost care in wrapping and packing up items, calculating discounts and considering each item, but as she packed up my vintage suitcase she noticed a zipper didn't work and discounted it further. Music to a thrifty gal's ears.

Check them out!


-Ample parking

-Clean and well lit

-Not the best place to clothes shop due to lack of surplus/selection

-Nice purses, jewelry and housewares

-Reasonable prices on furniture used and new

-Nice and clean toy selection

-Very friendly and helpful staff

-Great purpose for proceeds


  1. I know one girl who works there.. her name is Brenda. Middle aged.. dark hair. Not sure if that's her but she is very nice.

  2. Thank you! I feel like that is sounds right! :)


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