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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thrift Review: Goodwill on Robbin's Rd, Grand Haven MI


1112 Robbins Rd Grand Haven MI 49417
(616) 844-2229

Thrift Trick rating:

I give Grand Haven Goodwill 4 out of 5!

I've been going to this store for years but first impressions upon walking in are that the store is clean and well organized. Unlike some other thrift stores, they do not have "tag sales"--everything is priced as marked with barcode. Sometimes the stickers are annoying and hard to remove from housewares. Also, like many other places, shoes are marked with silver on the sole to indicate price (try pencil eraser to take care of this).

However, everything is very well organized in this store and there is a large selection! I've always had very good luck with electronics and gadgets here. It's a great place to get a nice DVD player or kitchen gadget that works well. Knickknacks, mugs, housewares and things of the like all are well priced.

Also, the awesome thing about Goodwill is that they get leftover brand new clearance items from Target, so the houseware brands and clothing/shoes like "Merona" are plentiful here and brand new with tags. The downfall: sometimes they are marked up from their previously crazy clearance price: for example, a brand new pair of shoes that were previously $2 at Target but didn't sell are now marked up at Goodwill for $4 or $5, etc. The plus? You didn't MAKE it to that clearance rack in time, and now it's at Goodwill, hanging around until someone buys it!

This store is an awesome place to buy shoes and clothes. Everything is clean, and in great shape. Bags and belts are also nice. Kids clothes, accessories, toys, videos and books are all priced decently and usually in quite good shape!

Furniture and bigger items are also here and usually marked fairly reasonably, though in my opinion the large pieces I've seen (such as couches, etc.) have been a little overpriced. I have picked up coffee tables and end tables for a steal here.

Paintings and pictures are usually at great prices...yes--I've scored Marushkas here for next to nothing. Also this bitchin glitter unicorn piece you see in the frame was only $3! I almost bought it...but the frame was a little out of shape. If you like odd pieces...that would have been great for you. Haha!
Overall, the highlight of this store is a great clothing selection that is clean and in great shape.
I honestly would give this store 5 out of 5, but sometimes I think things are overpriced (and their jewelry prices aren't as good as the Goodwill store in Muskegon, MI--though the clothes and shoes are better). I did catch a great deal on jewelry when I was there Wednesday to review though! Check out these darling screw on vintage rhinestone earrings! Love the orange ferns. These were in my outfit featured yesterday!

Good place to go. Check it out!



--Decent prices, occasionally overpriced
--Well lit, organized, good parking
--Friendly customer service
--Great selection
--Lots of items
--Nice location

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