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Monday, February 11, 2013

Feeling a little "teal"!

Yesterday on the Thrift Trick Instragram!    Sweater is thrifted, of course! :)


I felt like throwing an extra special "pop" of color onto my eyes this last Sunday and, being that I was wearing a teal-ey sweater, I decided to go with blues, teals and aquas!

By no means am I the tutorial queen. In fact, I'm throwing a super cheesy hand drawn diagram in the blog today! (No jokes about the funky eyebrows on my cartoon eyes). Yet, I think this explains what I did fairly well! No worries, though, for those who may find my minute-art less than aesthetic, I'm throwing in some REAL tutorials today from the pros who actually take the time in preparing quality instruction!

In addition to application, are you wondering what colors may compliment your eyes best? Check out the diagrams below on eye color and shape, and choosing dazzling shades/application based on your personal hue and anatomy!



1. I lined my eyes in a sideways, cat-eyed "V" with blue liner.

2. On the middle of the lid, I applied a bright shimmery aqua/teal color.

3. On the outer crease of the lid, inside the "V", I applied a dark black shadow. You could also use black liner but limit it to the very inside of the "V" to allow for blending out.

4. I applied a white "shimmery" powder to browbone area. (Like my sparkles in the drawing? HAHA)

5. I applied a different shade teal liner to the inner crease of my eye, blended the colors together, lined the inside of eyes with blue, and applied mascara!



  1. Fun post, but the 2nd image isn't working? Just letting ya know!

  2. Thank you Van! :) That is very strange--it was working last night! Thanks so much for the tip...fixing it now!


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