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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dooney, Bourke & Stripes!



I posted a little while back that I had admired a vintage Dooney & Bourke at Regeneration thrift store in Detroit (check out my review, article and the handbag here!) but the price just wasn't right for me. To quote myself:
"They had a great selection of vintage and thrifted designer bags. I REALLY wanted to take this Dooney and Bourke home with me....and looking at it now, I regret leaving it behind! However, it was marked $15 and I just get a bigger thrill out of finding them on my own for cheaper."
Well, I'm pleased to say that I not only found ONE Dooney and Bourke recently that is almost the identical replica of the bag I wanted at Regeneration, but TWO! I'll show the other in a blog very soon, but I bought each of the handbags for only $2, totaling $4. I'm featuring the one that is most like the bag in the blog linked above...check it out! Remember from the article that they D&B had been marked $15...more than I was willing to pay!

Sometimes it really pays to wait when it comes to thrift. I almost never regret passing things up...but I sometimes regret buying. I know this might not be true for everyone, but it's a practice I like to exercise as often as possible...and this time it paid off!

I'm doing my D&B handbag with a thrifted Gap 3/4 striped knit, long black thrifted skirt, *brown boots, *brown woven belt and brown faux snakeskin cuff/leather band. (Starred items are not thrifted). I LOVE black and white stripes and brown together!





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