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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thrifting in Tennessee


Just over a week ago, I flew to Tennessee for a little mini-vacation! I was excited to check out some local thrift in the Chattanooga area, and what I discovered were some neat items that were priced fairly consistently with what you might find in Michigan thrift store—or should I say, “Tharift Stower”? Hahah! I loved hearing the southern accents and interesting stories behind some of the items I ran across…from creepy dolls in bell glass to crazy fur hats!  Below you’ll find some items that I bought, and some that I didn’t but wanted to share with you! My prize find was the Gant Gaither signed silk Tiger dress below. It was only three dollars!!!! How epic is that tiger? Seriously? Another highlight for me was an excellent vinyl haul and some adorable purple suede Fiona booty heels.  Thanks for tuning in…see you soon for an outfit post!





I was too scared to dig through the vinyl in this row for fear that I would appreciate too much of it.

IMG_4842 IMG_4840 IMG_4839


NOT a thrift item; my boyfriend's awesome monkey posing next to a vintage globe. People are scared of him apparently...but they just don't appreciate his splendor, I think.


Clockwise, from upper left hand corner: An overpriced vintage globe, recap of the outfit I put together with some $3 purple suede Fiona booty heels purchased in TN at a thrift store, the impromptu outfit I put together with a thrifted $1.50 sweater (another TN find), and my vinyl haul from the trip (probably my favorite--especially the instrumental Shaft soundtrack. SO BAD ASS!)


I had to throw in a few shots of the gorgeous spot we hiked to at Fall Creek Falls. So pretty!


This little gem was carved into the paint on the state park bathroom stall:


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