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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Ugly Skirt Challenge



Last summer while in Mackinaw City in Michigan on vacation, I was second hand shopping with my mother. As we pored over the thrifted racks meticulously (a mother daughter tradition), I looked up to see mom heading towards me with something on a hanger. She held up the skirt shown in the pictures below.  "It looks like you," she said.  I took offense to this comparison initially, because it was one of the ugliest skirts I had ever seen. "Whoah, mother..." I replied. "That is honestly too hideous of a print for even ME to wear."  She shrugged and started to file it away again when I said, "Wait."  I took a second look at the ridiculous blue and white pattern. Its squiggles and triangles seemed like they would be at home on a button up worn by Tom Selleck as Magnum PI.

"Hand it over." I squinted my eyes and held up the Bombay china dish inspired design. Was this skirt made from a nautical themed bed sheet that once fitted over Candace Cameron's twin mattress? Did Natalie from "Facts of Life" wear this skirt on a first date? Was it possible that Clair Huxtable wore this as a cape? (She WAS after all, a superhero...but I doubt she would don anything so God-forsakenly hideous).

"I'm accepting this as a challenge," I stated indignantly. "It's so ugly that I have to have it." I paid $1.50 for the cobalt and cream abomination and tossed it into my shopping bag.

Once I returned from vacation, I hung the skirt in my closet for six months...until yesterday. Because of "blizzard-y" conditions here in Michigan at the present time, I wasn't really able to shoot outside yesterday, and the daylight hours began to slip away from me.  Therefore, I found myself shooting inside after dark, which is never the BEST idea. To make matters worse, my camera fell off my tri-pod and my 50 mm lens was damaged, destroying the auto-focus gears inside. 

Was this skirt cursed with the cranky spirit of Judith Light on "Who's The Boss?" 

I'm not sure. However, I DO know the skirt is somehow actually starting to grow on me, and when combined with some fun vintage jewelry, a vintage Samsonite tote and Micheal Kors heels...I actually began to appreciate the ridiculously loud print.

I think I JUST MIGHT wear it again. MAYBE. Do you think I'm crazy? If so...I hope it's crazy AWESOME Rose. Yes...I'm speaking of Golden Girls. 

Thank you for reading the blog today. And THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND.







OUTFIT DETAILS: 100% Secondhand and thrifted. Kors heels were a consignment purchase.


  1. You are the only person I know who could rock a skirt like that!! Hottie! -Ang

  2. Chantal - You do look adorable in the skirt. I have to say though, you are brave! I don't know what I was thinking!!!! LOL!!!!


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