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Monday, December 23, 2013

8 Last Minute Thrift Gifts plus SPECIAL printable tags!


For the fashionista: a vintage clutch and matching gloves won't miss. 
Add a current copy of Vogue, rolled and tied with a fancy velvet bow!


AHHHHH!  There is only one more shopping day until Christmas. 
Are you in a pinch and out of ideas...or possibly, money?

Try these thrift gift ideas for a unique combo! Don't be afraid or embarrassed to tell the recipient of your gift about your statement in giving upcycled, vintage and thrifted gifts; not only is it eco-conscious, but it's also fun. Previously owned items have history and personality. Use that to your advantage and learn a little bit, if possible, about the item's history, or even more fun...make one up!

BONUS: I've included some gift tag printables for you below to make your gift even MORE special as a vintage or secondhand item! See this link and image below and click the pdf to print tags you can add to your packaging for that extra special touch. 


1. Give a sweater (or two). They are abundant at thrift stores everywhere, like this nice collection hanging at Lakeshore Rescue Mission thrift in Holland, MI on Riley street! Notice that several of the sweaters still have department store tags on them? If you like to mix and match new and old, pair a sweater with a coordinating necklace and earring set to complete your gift. If a PRETTY sweater isn't your thing, what about a HIDEOUS one? Everyone loves a good "ugly" sweater party...give your friend or family member a leg up on their ridiculous getup for a holiday soiree and gift them something goofy!


2. Give a nutcracker. I love vintage nutcrackers and pondering over their history; who owned them, where they were displayed, etc. It's especially fun when they are out of the ordinary, like this little golfing fellow above. Why not give a collection? At a dollar or two a piece (like these ones spotted at the Chicago drive location for LRMT), you can afford to toss a few extra into the box. Combine with some fresh holiday nut mix and it's a wrap!


3. Give some vintage glasses (and booze!) Find some interesting, one of a kind tumblers or any other kind of glass and pair with your gift recipient's favorite drink! 


4. Give holiday decor! I think anyone appreciates holiday decor as a gift but for those who are notorious displayers and decorators during the Christmas season, you really can't miss with secondhand additions to Christmas villages, interesting Santa Claus sculptures and vintage snow globes!


5. Give sentimentally! It's fun to take a trip down memory lane and try to find a secondhand gift associated with a loved one. For example: this Holly Hobbie plate reminds me so much of my grandmother. =) A dozen cookies on top with a note about a precious childhood reflection would have made this gift sweeter than any holiday treat! I regret not buying it while I was there...


6. Give a collection! I mentioned these pretty china dolls in my last blog about being proud to give thrifted gifts (see the article that Grand Haven Tribune posted about it here). Why not give a collection of vintage dolls for the price of one? If you have a friend who collects something special, such as red Avon glassware, it can be an exciting challenge to "hunt" for items to fit right in. Perhaps you even know a friend, or child, well enough to give them a head start on a collection they didn't even KNOW they wanted! (My son loves animals of all kinds, and I began to find him miniature vintage ceramic cats, which he was delighted with!)


7. Give goofy! I honestly think the "cheesy" ceramic above is an ashtray, and I'm not a smoker, but I'm drawn to this goofy item and I just love a bright bit of retro kitsch. "White elephant" items can really lighten someone's day, particularly if they double as something that is actually useful, despite its oddball appearance. If there is a back-story on an item and it becomes a conversation piece, that is even better!

Vintage suitcase

8. Give it in a vintage suitcase! Make your treasure extra snazzy by packing it into a vintage suitcase! I've done this several times before and it is always a hit. If your intended giftee isn't the type for retro luggage, consider packing the gift in a special tin or a more contemporary purse, backpack or container that is also thrifted! (Yes, the collection above is my own, and I will be the first to admit that I'm a vintage suitcase hoarder!)


This last picture is just for fun... It would actually be a Christmas dream come true for me. This gorgeous antique stove was located at the Chicago Drive Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift. Besides the double ovens, the top left hand burner is actually a DOUBLE BOILER! So awesome. They just don't make 'em like that anymore. ;)



I've created these one of a kind gift tags so that you can proudly label your vintage, secondhand and thrifted gifts with pride. Please feel free to share and on the PDF below for a sheet of 9!

Thrift Tags


  1. love this guide! everything i gave this year is thrifted :D love the tags too! xoRach


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