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Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Zebras: Shorts with tights and heels


HOLIDAY ZEBRAS: Shorts with tights and heels

How do you feel about shorts with tights and heels?

I LOVE them. It might sound funny to some (or miserable with the hot and humid Michigan summers) but I've never cared for shorts with bare legs in the summer. I don't love the way they look with flats or sandals, and they always rode up my body in unflattering and uncomfortable ways, being that I have a thicker bottom and thighs. Also, they just don't look polished to me unless they are paired with heels or boots.

That all changes for me when they are paired with tights. In fact, my FAVORITE time to wear (thrifted) shorts is in the off season; fall and winter! Paired with tights or leggings, a blazer or sweater and some slammin' booty heels, I feel that shorts can be totally cold-weather appropriate!

This was my Thanksgiving outfit this year, and I think it would be a great style to wear to an upcoming holiday party or even New Year's eve! (Just be careful walking in ice on heels, hah! I brought along boots to change into for outdoor passage, trust me.)

The coup de grace for this outfit is DEFINITELY this fantastic zebra clasping, briefcase style shoulder bag!

I was thrilled to find this unique purse at Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift in Grand Haven, Michigan--it is the perfect addition to my brown and black ensemble shown here with one of my favorite 99 cent thrift finds ever--a fantastic faux snakeskin Michael Kors belt! I've styled it many ways over the last few years! Here's an old throwback from 2011--a red plaid and purple outfit  using the same belt.

Also shown are some yellow vintage clip ons I thrifted years ago for 99 cents as well as a secondhand double faux gold chain and bracelets.








Whatever you do--aim to reduce your carbon footprint while increasing your creative thumbprint by going secondhand!

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