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Friday, December 13, 2013

Thrift a Gift: 3 Reasons to be proud of secondhand presents


I spotted this adorable vintage snow globe at the Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift on Chicago Drive in Holland!

3 Reasons to Be Proud of Secondhand Presents 

1) You can be proud that your "present" is in the "presentation".

Are you afraid to give a secondhand gift for fear that the recipient of your gift will be offended at receiving something used?  I hear this often from people, and I can completely understand the concern. Will the person I am giving to dislike this gift because it is "used"? Let us consider the term "used". Do we think "used UP"?  What happens when you replace the term "used" with the word "vintage",  or "up-cycled"?

I believe that the way we present the item and how we describe it is of utmost importance!

Package and wrap your secondhand gift with care--present it with pride! Because we are talking packaging and wrapping, it can't be forgotten that PLENTY of wrapping papers, gift bags, and unusual boxes and fabrics are at the thrift store! I find it fascinating and unique to package gifts in vintage magazine ads, unusual vintage fabrics, and retro papers. But even if "vintage" isn't your bag, there's no reason not to utilize the inexpensive leftovers from Christmas past. It's not just about being thrifty; it's about reducing your carbon footprint and using what is ALREADY available. Save a tree or two and go secondhand! 

Being truly green means utilizing the resources that are already before you, instead of wasting energy and resources on new items just for the sake of "being new". Stop this cycle! Start today!


2) You've put some "cause" in "Claus".

Imagine, for a moment, that instead of wandering  amongst the herds in the toasty, crowd-laden mall, searching for something unique and meaningful to give your loved ones that you were, instead, searching for shelter; hoping for a nook or cranny to fit into. It isn't the most pleasant holiday reverie, but for the homeless, transient and under-served population in your community, it is NOT A DREAM. It is a real life nightmare. It happens to all types of people who deserve your attention. That's where Holland Rescue Mission comes in, with programs like their Emergency Shelter. This is only the tip of the iceberg--from employment rehabilitation to Stepping Stones Daycare, the mission is involved in providing for the under-served community around us in many ways.


Precious little students from Stepping Stones Daycare

When you thrift from a store that offers services to the community such as the rescue mission, you can feel PROUD letting your gift recipients know that ALL of the proceeds from thrift sales go directly to funding the rescue mission. Pamphlets, rack cards and business cards can be found on almost every counter at Lakeshore Rescue Mission thrift stores.

Proudly display reading information about your non-profit support within your packaging, so your recipient understands the motivation behind your generous gift!

Do you feel proud about where your money goes when you shop at Kohl's, Target, or any other super store corporation? NO. (Let's not even bring Walmart into the picture....)

3) You added "bang" to your "buck".


Do you have a special little girl who loves dolls on your Christmas list this year? For the same price as one Barbie play box, (that's right, an EMPTY BOX decorated as the "Dream House" that you put your Barbies in) you could purchase an ENTIRE COLLECTION of beautiful china dolls! The dolls shown above averaged $5 each, and they were quite lovely. Hurry down to the store on Chicago Drive and I'm sure some of them can still be yours!

Collections of items or play sets are a great place to start with thrifted gifts. For the cocktail aficionado, vintage martini shakers and fun tumblers would never go unappreciated. Pair with a secondhand book on fancy drinks and you have an amazing "ThriftGift" that is much more unique than something brand new, and five times more meaningful if you consider the purpose behind it's sale.

It really pays to thrift a more ways than one. I estimate that 40% of the gifts under my tree this year are SECONDHAND--and I love that!

P.S., do you have a tree yet?

Artificial tree selections from Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift on Chicago Drive in Holland!

Check back with me this week for a gift giving blog PACKED with super ideas on how you can put together fabulous thrifted and secondhand gifts for family and friends this year!



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