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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Three dollar necklace and a two second trick!


and a {2} SECOND TRICK!

I was so pleased to find this pretty little turquoise and gold statement necklace at Family Dollar for three bucks! They seem to always have fun, bold jewelry for under five dollars, and I couldn't resist this twisted bead piece when I saw it. (It came with matching earrings, too!) I honestly could have picked up the white version with minimal guilt at that price, but I decided to let it stay on the shelf. They also had purple and black! The rest of the outfit is one hundred percent thrifted. I've really been digging all black lately!

I tie my dress shirts!

I love wearing high waisted, long skirts. Often, I pair them with collared shirts so that I can also rock bold bib necklaces and scarves. For me, letting the shirt tails hang out looks sloppy and adds a lot of loose girth--not something I love to do. If I belt them to accentuate my waist, I can sometimes end up with a bit of a peplum look, and depending on the shirt, I might like it. I'm still not always thrilled at the way it shapes my body. For that reason, I often tie a knot in the shirt instead! I leave the last button undone and tie it right at my waist. It's a little bit of a feminine, vintage look, and I feel that when you do it with more of a formal piece like a high waisted skirt, it looks quite polished too! Make sure to tie it at the smallest point of your natural waist line...and watch the curves appear. ;)

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