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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bathroom Makeover: Final Pics!



I'm excited to announce the final pics from my bathroom makeover, sponsored by Holland Rescue Mission and Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift!

I love the way it turned out; though it was a simple and quick makeover, my bathroom went from being a hodge-podge, mismatched space to being much more pulled together. The yellow, black and white seemed very fresh to me, and I was pleased to do the entire project for less than $50!


Before and AFter


I was INSTANTLY enamored with this adorable vintage fixture in an orange "creamsicle" seemed to compliment the rest of the color scheme well, and it casts a mellow light on the bathroom at night, perfect for a lengthy bubble bath! ;) $6.99 was the "damage", if you can call it that...


I fashioned a nice new shower curtain out of a bit of scrap fabric I found at Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift; it was a nice heavy polyester/cotton blend in just the right shade of grey.
It was literally the perfect size; I simply hemmed both ends and cut slits for the shower curtain rings, and paired it with a new liner for a few bucks. Voila!


A thrifted glass globe, dollar store flowers (hint: snip your faux flowers and rearrange them for an upgraded look in vases or floral arrangements), secondhand mock rosemary plant and thrifted frames are gracing the "throne", so to speak...haha!


PUT A (thrifted) BIRD ON IT!


I replaced many containers around the room with thrifted glass decanters and jars (the blue you see above is mouthwash, and I added a vintage shot glass for swishing as well), and it felt so much more fancy. It's always nice to recycle the unsightly plastic packaging.


I was really inspired by the yellow and grey chevron on my Pinterest inspiration board for the makeover.
I found this print online and just popped it into a thrifted frame!


The chevron stag head is sandwiched between two secondhand frames showcasing a few "powder room" inspired shots of my favorite starlet, Marilyn Monroe.


A much cleaner, less cluttered sinktop...



I like that the mirror is reflecting the zebra print curtain... :) This mirror was inspired by this pin--I loved the vintage, atomic design. This piece was new, but clearanced at Family Dollar for only 10 dollars.


I gave up my hanging tools for this little chevron lined basket (also a new but clearanced item marked $5 at Meijer) and I'm currently hiding it away. So far, I don't mind having to dig it out to style my hair...


The shelf storage looks SO much better when hid by this sheer zebra print curtain (plus a tension road, a purchase totaling $8)!


This little tray was shown above; it was also inspired by a Pinterest pin on my inspiration board!


Overall, this makeover project went incredibly smoothly and was VERY inexpensive. I really love the process of pinning and looking for secondhand or thrifted substitutions. Not only is it eco-conscious, but it is incredibly wallet friendly! When you shop non-profit thrift stores like those from Holland Rescue Mission, you can also feel fantastic about every penny going to a great cause.

Have a super week and stay tuned for more "March Magic" in my next series, 
coming this week at Thrift Trick!

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