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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pinspiration: Aztec for Spring 2014

Aztec Tank

PINSPIRATION: Aztec For Spring

My next "March Magic" project, sponsored by Holland Rescue Mission Thrift Stores, will be spring fashion inspired! I'm taking inspirational outfits from the runway, seasonal trends and classic spring fashion from my Spring 2014 Inspiration board and recreating themMY way; thrifted! 

I wanted to share with you today one of my passions this season: bright prints for spring--specifically, Aztec! The images in this blog post can all be found on the Pinterest board.

Tomorrow I'll show you an outfit I put together with an Aztec item thrifted from Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift, and you can expect to see more of the outfits and ideas I have pinned come to life with secondhand clothes and accessories from Holland Rescue Mission Thrift Stores!
Stay Tuned!

Aztec Dress

 What do YOU think about bold colored prints for spring?  #spring2014 #ss2014 #fashion #fashion2014 #hair #makeup #prints #boldcolors #patterns #aztec #style #trendy #fun #cute #cool #editorialGold / B&W fabric /Aztec

Prêt-à-Porter Spring/Summer 2014

Print trend 2014 aztec

Love Aztec leggings

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