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Friday, March 7, 2014

BEFORE: The "before the makeover" pics of my bathroom!



Look, it's a toilet! Haha!

If you've been following along, then you'll already know that I'm teaming up with Holland Rescue Mission Thrift Stores and Lakeshore Rescue Mission Thrift for a series of fun upcycled and thrifted projects called "March Magic"! My first project is the Upcycled and Thrifted Bathroom Makeover

A few days ago, I posted my design inspiration for the bathroom; yellow, grey, black and white. My goal was to use almost exclusively thrifted items! I did make a few new purchases, and I'll list them and price them in my final "showcase" blog, which is coming soon. 

Back to the bathroom in these pictures... 

Ugh, this bathroom has needed some help for a while. I keep it tidy and it isn't the most HIDEOUS thing I've ever seen, but it's definitely thrown together. The cheesy, cheap shower curtain was something I picked up at a discount store for just a few dollars to dress up the sheer shower liner, and honestly, I never really cared for it much. The rugs (not pictured) mismatch and there was never really a color scheme.


Honestly, I like my bathroom space for the most part; it's fairly decent sized for an apartment, and it's tucked away nicely on the end of the house.  One thing that ISN'T my favorite, though, is the exposed storage. Underneath these recessed (and exposed) cabinets is a small space I keep my scale and hamper in, and everything is visible. Though I keep it somewhat organized in bins, I'm not sure that I really want this "hanging out", so that was part of my considerations for a makeover.


The lovely Veronica Lake! I do love my pinup girls. I'm thinking of making a switch to only B&W pictures in the bathroom though, and these mismatch frames are going into storage.



This tangled mess is where I hang my hairstyling tools. I know, it's an eyesore! But I like having them at arms reach because they are used every day! I've been considering several different storage options for these in some of the DIY posts I've been searching through on my Pinterest Inspiration board.




Little brick doorstop kitty. ;) This little gem came home with me after no one purchased it at the Thrift Trick fashion show  in December of 2012, and when the back of the door is loaded with bathrobes, she holds it open. =) I do love my apartment, but the lack of closet space is a big bummer! Therefore, I have many items hanging on hooks, and it gets a little maddening.

We'll see what stays/goes/comes when the makeover is final....


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