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Friday, May 4, 2012

CONTEST WINNERS! And...Sixteen Ways Scarf Tutorial #3..."Brooch" the topic...

Let’s “Brooch” this topic!

But first, congrats to the first vintage jewelry giveaway winner, comment #2, according to a drawing at Enjoy your necklace, Katie!


OK, back to business--I'm sorry for the cheesy pun. If you accept my apology, let's move on to tutorial #3 on fun ways to wear vintage scarfs!

As you can see from this entry, I took a fun and colorful vintage scarf from Hope's Outlet (normally priced between .49-.99 cents) and created an adorable and fancy brooch simply by twisting it into knots, twirling it around, and pinning it to my cardigan with a safety pin! To finish it off, I placed an additional white rose pin of mine in the center, which I happened to have matching earrings for (also pictured in the accessories below).

The rest of the outfit is ONE HUNDRED percent thrifted, totalling a cost of about $13 for shirt, skirt (the black ribbed skirt has showed up OFTEN in my blog; it goes perfectly with EVERYTHING!), cardigan, vintage white chenille cloche with rhinestone embellishment and shoes.

Can you believe that I paid 99 cents for that red patent leather Anne Klein belt, in impeccably new condition???

Many items did indeed come from Hope's Outlet but the adorable cloche was a great find at Goodwill of Grand Rapids, MI on Division street! They have now separated many vintage items into a section (if you prefer not to dig around for them) and this was among some other very neat pieces!

I loved this outfit because it felt very feminine and classic. Lots of colors and textures made it feel fun as well!

You can win the scarf (still tied into a brooch) by visiting the Grand Haven Hope's Outlet...
I left it there for you!
Get there tomorrow and win!

Hope's Outlet Thrift Stores are located at:

2424 Glade St., Muskegon, MI 49444

1974 E Sherman Blvd, Muskegon, MI 49444

1100 Washington Ave, Grand Haven, MI 49417

Find Hope's Outlet on Facebook!

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