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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Paisley of the Valley

i love paisley…and lily of the valley.

Today I wandered around my yard collecting flowers (my daily springtime routine) and I noticed that, here in Michigan, lilacs haven't fared too well--particularly purple ones! I do love the white, but it has been my experience that they don't last as long in water. Any kind of lilac does smell lovely, though...but it's hard to beat the amazing scent of Lily of the Valley. Even the smallest bouquet is so fragrant.

Across the street from my house, there is an abandoned lot that is chock full of wild flowers, perennials and beautiful trees. Each year I wade through the tall grass to the fields of Lily of the Valley, and even though I'm a touch afraid of what might be residing in the amazing blanket of white bells and delicate green leaves, I have the strongest urge to lie down and just breathe it in for hours. Inevitably I wonder about the person who took the time to plant the first lilies that proliferated abundantly afterward; who trimmed the lilacs and folded in the daffodil bulbs? It has been nothing but an empty field for over 10 years, but it is clear that someone once lived there, as evidenced by a hidden foundational slab of pavement and few other relics.

Despite wanting to nap in the flowers, this year, I'm discovering that the wonderful sights and smells of spring are rendering me itchy-eyed, stuffy, and practically asthmatic. Doh! Why are allergies so strange and cryptic in their sudden appearance? Spring time never bothered me before. Oh well...I'll take the histamine production in lieu of missing out on the splendor of colorful rebirth this time of year.

Speaking of colorful, I decided to wear one of my favorite vintage paisley dresses today (seen here before!) with a cornflower blue cardigan, light blue suede ballet slippers, and my favorite vintage beads from Grandma Zelma (featured with this chai recipe this year). This outfit was 100% thrifted with the exception of the family heirloom.

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