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Monday, May 14, 2012

May Days Jewelry Giveaway! 3 Step Polka

Polka with me!

I love red. I love polka dots. I love cropped jackets.

Best three out of three!

This is such a fun and flattering outfit. I’ve remixed this striped Gap tee SO many times. My best girlfriend bought it for me for just a few dollars on clearance a few years ago and I’ll probably wear it until it falls apart.

If you don’t already have a black and white striped shirt in your wardrobe, you NEED one! You absolutely MUST have one! Try thrifting one…I see them all the time. They look so amazing with solids, prints, and denim. I highly suggest throwing one under a cropped jacket or blazer of any style or print and watching your look come together effortlessly!

Of course, this cute as a button cropped red polka dot shirt with blousy collar was thrifted, from Value Land in Muskegon, Michigan! I’m guessing it was probably from the 80’s but is definitely vintage. It was perfect with the leopard print wedges (loving this purchase from Overstock...they are very comfortable and versatile--find them here!) and also this little black and grey Ralph Lauren tote that I found at another Church thrift store in Grand Haven, Michigan for one dollar.


A cropped jacket over a longer tshirt with jeans is a very slimming look. If you have a pear shape, and larger bottom and thighs, DON'T miss any opportunity to showcase the smaller waist with a belt or cropped jacket. This is a very flattering look for you!

The vintage metal bracelet I’m wearing is a Thrift Trick Maydays giveaway item!

It is shown next to the vintage Timex watch in the accessories picture and on my wrist next to the watch in the photo shoot. The cool thing is that the underside, though the same silver metal, is textured, so you could wear it inside out for a change of pace! It looks to be from the 60's era and has a neat angular shape.

Just answer this question to win:

What is your favorite polka dot item of clothing? What do you wear it with?

Please don't forget to include a user name with your comment. Make sure to check back with me for the winner this Thursday!


  1. Hi!

    Love this blazer on you! Totally agree with you about emphasizing your smallest part. A belt can make such a big difference.

    --------------- My fave polka dot item of clothing is this sheer black/white polka dot top I thrifted earlier this year. I love rockin' it with jeans or mini skirts with tights. Also love pairing it with a statement necklace like I did here: :)

    saucy.baby21 [at] gmail [dot] [com]

    --- Nicole O.

  2. Thanks for your comment and compliment Nicole! Your sheer polka dot blouse is cute as heck. I love it! I'm glad you shared! :)

  3. Congrats Nicole, on winning the bracelet featured in this blog! :) The announcement blog will be up soon!


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