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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dreaming in denim and roses...


I don’t wear denim very often, honestly…but I felt like it was time to pick up a new jean jacket! I bought it for five dollars, which truthfully felt like a lot to me because I’m SO DARN CHEAP…but what can I say, it fit perfectly!

It’s funny how things cycle. We reinvent ourselves yet move in patterns. Years ago I really couldn’t be bothered to look at anything with a floral print for more than a few moments and I don’t think I cared much for pleats. I’d like to think of myself as a fairly free thinking individual but no matter how I tout the anti-establishmentarian’s horn (say that five times fast!) I end up being impacted by the trends of fashion, and this navy blue pleated skirt with a rose pattern instantly caught my eye. I think it looks very cute with the jean jacket and polka dot top (seen here in a a pleated maxi skirt outfit post). Naturally, it was thrifted along with the shirt, and the fun panda earrings you see are a giveaway item that was in the jewelry box gift from my uncle! They are so kitschy cute. I almost…don’t want to give them to you. Haha! J

Answer this question to win the earrings below (and don’t forget to leave your user name so I can announce the randomly drawn winner this weekend!):

How has your fashion sense changed—what are you wearing these days that would have surprised the “old” you?


  1. I found a polka dot shirt at Goodwill a while ago, that is white, with pink dots all over it...I am wearing it for the first time tomorrow. I am still unsure if I can pull it off, but we will see. =)

  2. YOU CAN DO IT! :D I love polka dots. I think I have more outfits with polka dots than any other pattern in my blog...they go with everything!

  3. It was hard for me to get used to skinny jeans again after the 80's. Now I love them!

  4. I agree...the 80s fashion is definitely one of those things I never thought I'd wear again...and love again!

  5. Congrats Marie, on winning the panda earrings! I will message you for details!


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