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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bang Bang! Truths about trimming.

BANG BANG! Seven truths of bangs.

Midnight last night: I'm standing at my bathroom sink, with scissors and a comb. Isn't that how it usually goes down? I cut myself some bangs. And I like them! But there are pros and cons that accompany such a trim. For the women agonizing over bangs (to bang or not to bang?) you know exactly what I'm talking about.

1.) You love them the first day. You know, that first day you show up to work and everyone says, “Oh my GAWD you look so cute! That is so flattering! It slims your face! What a nice change!”

2.) You wake up the second morning and they look like crap. Somehow they seem shorter than before and you’ve slept on them funny, causing a previously unknown cowlick to be birthed. It is untamable even with the strongest, “There’s something about Mary” hair gel. This is a particularly cold reality if you’ve trimmed yours with wet hair just a wee...bit…too…short.

3.) They hide deep forehead creases (and wrinkles). It’s so true. Nothing if not a positive effect!

4.) You look younger! Like a feisty little kitten on the prowl, Claudia Schiffer style. It’s not that the forehead wrinkle is being hidden—albeit that DOES rock—no, it’s the playful new trim that takes the ponytail to a youthful new level, and frames the twinkling eyes.

5.) You can’t stop looking younger! Seems like a good thing! Yet, when it comes to sophistication and elegance, I’ll admit…I don’t always think bangs. When you are aiming for a more grown up look, you must wear them just so…or maybe pin them…in my opinion. Sometimes bangs just look FRUMPY.

6.) You obsessively brush away that which can not, now, be brushed away. That which is tickling you. Incessantly. Oh, the maddening wisps that tickle you.

7.) You could be rocking them…or you could be immediately in a state of “growing them out”. And never the twain shall meet! Isn’t it true? Either you love them, or you hate them. Upon trimming, the next 48 hours will determine the next three months of your face framing hair’s destiny. Consider this, the ultimate pontification, before you ask yourself, “To bang? Or not to bang?”

And now, for your perusing pleasure, my favorite bangs! 
Along with a few examples of “How not to bang”.

TO BANG (oh yeah!):



NOT TO BANG (shudder):



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