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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sweetheart's Nautical

Sweetheart’s Nautical

I thought this outfit was a whimsical combo of red, navy and white stripes, and gold! Certainly nautical—but then I decided to get a little weird and throw in the “hearted” scarf! Lots of fun. And it’s so true what they say; can’t figure out what shoes to wear? When in doubt—go nude! I tried red pumps—they were too much. Navy and black both felt strange. Nude was just right! And often when I choose nude pumps, I go with a lighter bag. This one has popped into quite a few outfit posts lately!

The other great thing about nude pumps is that they very much elongate your legs! As a woman with very thick and muscular calves (who also runs between 10-15 miles per week, which hasn’t exactly reduced my muscles), I need all the slimming power I can get!

A few elements in this outfit WEREN’T thrifted: the pumps and the heart scarf. The rest was purchased for about $7 total, including the skirt and belt ($2.50 together) which were the main “nautical” inspiration for this outfit post! The gold beaded earrings are a new favorite. You’ll see more of them in an upcoming “antiquing” jewelry special! J

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