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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wowie Zowie Thrift Haul!


Boy oh boy, did I hit a home run on Saturday while I was out thrifting. Read on to discover what I bought for a total of $15 (some of the items had additional discounts at the register)!

Kate Spade Handbag with vintage handmade dress from the 70's...$3.50. 
That's right, you read that correctly. $3.50.

All of these great dresses as well! Each dress pictured here was $2 and the sweaters were .75 each.

A vintage map of Michigan and a vintage embossed leather book cover with built in leather bookmark from Chile: $3.50

Vintage gold cuff: $2

Vintage "Buttoneer"--buttoning for lazy people, packaged in vintage deliciousness! Love it. $1.49.

Vintage Clip ons: $1

Pretty amazing, right?


  1. LOVE the yellow and grey flower dress!

  2. Thank you Crystal! :) I love it too! It's actually more black than grey--little trick of light there--and it's totally a polyester wrap...very 70s. I fell in love with it at first sight!! :D


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