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Monday, September 3, 2012

Upcycled Statement Collar Tutorial

Statement Collar Tut!

I really have been loving all of the statement collar necklaces and fancy collars that have been showing up in my fashion magazines since mid summer. However, if you were living in Michigan in July, even LOOKING at a thick statement collar over a t-shirt or worse YET, a long sleeved collared shirt under a cardigan or with a statement necklace over it…well, it may have actually thrown you into heat stroke. Luckily, the look is still very chic well into fall and still pretty trendy at the moment—but who really cares about trends, right? J

Anyhow, I couldn’t wait for fall weather to come around so that I could start to wear these styles, and I knew I wanted to both DIY my own statement collar, as well as thrift a fancy collared shirt to pair with fall items! (See my second blog from today’s dual posting, “Fancy Shmancy Thrifted Collar”.)

Naturally, I’m not the first person to think about making their own statement collar out of recycled materials or crafting supplies and fancy things lying around. However I didn’t really want to just chop the collar off a men’s dress shirt and “bedazzle” it. I wanted a rounder, more vintage collar that would compliment many of my vintage shift dresses, and also work with t-shirts, sweaters, or anything I thought of pairing it with!

The search began and ended in my own closet. This vintage piece was actually part of a skirt and blouse combo that I picked up for a mere 1.49 last year. I’ve worn the skirt many times and though I like the top, I haven’t really put it to use yet.  The collar was absolutely perfect and I knew in a heartbeat that this was the one:

Here's What I Did:

1)    I trimmed the collar from the shirt, leaving a bit of the extra fabric where it had been sewn on to act as a hem. (Don’t cut too close!) Of course I saved my leftover fabric—the neat rouching in the front might be a cool addition to another piece, and the gathered waist seems like it would make a great belt…but that’s for another day!

2)   I trimmed off the button (and saved to be moved and sewn back on).

3)   I hemmed the edges of my collar using the bit of extra fabric left from the blouse as the body of my hem, and sewed the button back on.

4)   Voila!

This collar looks great with a tshirt, or with a shift dress, or any other blouse with little or no collar! I’ve shown it here with the addition of some fun bling—maybe a pair of fabulous vintage clip-ons, or a brooch! I even like it sideways!  Side note: I attached my clip ons using safety pins. Losing cute clip-ons is not allowed! That is muy mal—no bueno!

SO…what do you have lying around that could be repurposed? Or maybe your dream statement collar is hanging on a used clothes rack somewhere, for a mere dollar or so, waiting to be scooped up and fashioned in your hot little crafting hands. Get to it!

PS, This beautiful vintage necklace was only $8 at an antique mall in North Muskegon I visited called "Memory Lane". (I highly recommend their vintage jewelry and clothing selection, for an antique mall it is very reasonable. Also they have a FABULOUS selection!) Can't you imagine it rotated and worn more as a collar with the angular edges facing out, instead of the way it was intended, as a circular piece? That's what I'm thinking. ;)


  1. Thank you Maegan! I remember seeing your Peter Pan collar a while back, too! I almost linked that here today! :) Both kinda have that Mary Tyler Moore vibe that I love so much, lol! :)

  2. ohhh i love Memory Lane! It is a hidden gem :D

  3. Yes, it is a great place! Best selection of antique jewelry in Muskegon I'd say! (In one place, anyhow, lol)

  4. The blog is really nice by having the Fashion statements for the best outfit, Thanks a lot.


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