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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Red Hot Trench


I am so excited that cool fall weather is here! It's the perfect time to wear colorful trench coats! Of course, I have several great trenches that I've thrifted (for less than $2) to wear this season! Possibly my favorite is this vintage red La Vogue trench. I thought this La Vogue ad from 1908 (shown above) would be fun addition to the blog today, though my coat is probably from the 70's. 

How can I tell when items are vintage? Well, part of the scouting definitely lies in how an item looks and feels, but the dead give away is the type font on the tag (or lack of a tag when an item is hand made)! I'm going to have an upcoming blog post on just that element of vintage hunting for you soon.

Animal print on animal print? Why not? The bag and skirt (which is a vintage 2 piece suit) are of different patterns; but I thought they totally worked together. My glasses are vintage as well as the red button clip ons I'm wearing today, and my belt, all of which were 99 cents each.

I love the way that my ponytails look when I've slept on a sock bun, so usually I wear these hairstyles back to back!

East End park in Grand Haven, Michigan was just lovely this morning. I could have stayed all day and drank my coffee near the dock, but moments after this shot was taken, two elderly fishermen showed up to launch their boat, curiously gaping at me as I took pictures of my own shoes barefoot. Oh well.


Need some trench inspiration? Check out this awesome slideshow of the Burberry Fall 2012 RTW Collection on! (Click the picture!)


  1. You look so chic! Love how you paired it with the leopard bag. Red & leopard go so well together. :)

    --- Nicole

  2. Thank you Nicole! :) I know it's not too creative, but you're right--they go so well together! Thanks for reading! :)


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