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Friday, September 21, 2012


Whenever I wear fashion glasses--or glasses of any kind--I always feel like I'm doing this ^^^^. (Checking for spots. It drives me nuts! I'm so OCD.)
Smudges and dust aside, I think it's time for an eye exam soon. Likely, a REAL prescription isn't too far ahead for me...sigh. A few years back I had a touch of astigmatism in my left eye, but my vision was still ALMOST 20/20. These days, it feels like there may have been a slight decline...bummer. (Blaming it on my computer screen).

They go with everything. Shown above is my dark purple corduroy blazer (thrfited), black velour pants, black boots, and striped tee from the Gap that was a clearance item and gift from my girlfriend years ago. Also, 99 cent thrifted vintage clip ons seen here: WOWIE ZOWIE THRIFT HAUL. I've worn it with so many outfits...and I honestly have yet to find a crazy print it WON'T go with. As you can see, most of the shots are simply from my iPhone, because I've been so utterly busy with projects lately. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my SLR this weekend and I've got just the outfit in mind...


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Check out the board I've made, just for you, to peruse and white stripes of all kinds, with all colors, and even a few home decor ideas that incorporate black and white stripes. Click to be inspired for ways to incorporate the stripes you already have in your closet into new styles! 

Stay tuned for some Instagram posts on my Facebook later as I find some stripes today on my lunchbreak! (I find them everywhere I go...). 

Have a great weekend!

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