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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nail Polish Cabinet DIY...and dressing room makeover!

Nail Polish Cabinet DIY, and Dressing Room Makeover!

Let me start at the very beginning  (a very good place to start) :)

When we first moved into our home, ten years ago, there were three bedrooms. One of them was quite small and had a large closet, one of them was medium sized with a smaller closet, and the largest room of all...had no closet.
Being that we desired more room, we chose the largest bedroom of the three to be our master bedroom. The second larger room became an exercise room, and when our son came along, his bedroom!  The third was originally our office, but ended up storing not only the exercise equipment once our son came along, but also, holiday decorations and the beautiful red dishes I inherited from my mother five years ago.

Given my obsession with vintage dresses and clothes/accessories in GENERAL, you can imagine what happened to our bedroom.  Rolling garment racks, stacked boxes and baskets overtook a corner of our room that became my exposed "closet" (if you could call it that.)  Even my dress form and hat collection lived in there, and the room was so effervescently girly that my man could barely stand being in the room for more than a couple moments...let alone relaxing or sleeping in the clutter. Not good.

Fast forward to this year: in a passing conversation, the hubby said to me, "Why don't you just make that entire small bedroom a huge walk in closet?"

Rainbows appeared, chimes rang from heaven and somewhere, a unicorn whinnied.

And that's just what I did.

My agenda was to move everything--clothes, scarves, hats, shoes, bags, accessories, makeup, etc.--into the side room, along with my style pinboard and even nail care items. Fast forward to my adorable find from Goodwill!

The Vintage Spice Rack
(Turned nail polish cabinet)

What a great idea, right? I love the way it looks...quite hidden, really, amongst my other vintage treasures on the wall! I bought this spice rack for $4.00 at Goodwill.

It's a touch cluttered already, but I don't mind. The space is working quite well for me! I may purchase a bigger mirror, but other than that...I adore this room! I even had the space for a papasan chair next to my I can sit, drink Earl Grey, and read my fashion mags!

My silly little ice cube trays (from my DIY post "Cool Little Organizer DIY"). They aren't the most beautiful things ever, but they work so amazingly well to store my earrings!

Original magazine clips from one of my most amazing and favorite thrift finds ever; two huge scrapbooks that a teen girl made ranging from the late 1940's-1960s.  OH HEY Judy Garland, aren't you fabulous? From her red nails and lips to the royal blue shirt dress and black sequin tie...I'd wear this look in a heartbeat and I find it so inspiring.  I also pin modern fashion to my board all the time, but it just happens to be 100% authentic vintage prints right now.

My shoes are all stored in three racks; two vertical and one on top horizontally. A garment rag with shower curtain rings stores multiple hand bags on each ring with a few displayed on top.  My hats are above, as show below:

Yep, every inch of this spare bedroom is being used--there is another floor lamp, ironing table, linen sprays, an ipod dock, perfumes and my dress form as well!

It's not perfect (and ideally, I'd have some fun color on the wall) but it's still a work in progress. To be honest, though, it's the only time in my life I've ever had a space completely dedicated to being 100% girly. I just want to LIVE in this little gal cave. 

I just might.


  1. so loving the spice rack! AHHH i miss having a whole room for a closet <3

  2. I love the room! Im pretty sure those pictures look familar from hopes in grand haven!

    P.s. I wish i had that many shoes and purses!!
    they all look soo cute!

  3. Thank you Sara and Rachel! :) I know, the purses and shoes are at hoarding level. But I try to tell myself I'm justified in owning them, since I paid between $1-$3 for just about each item. (Maybe that's not a reasonable rationale, lol!)

    Sara--spot on, yes! Those images are from the fantastic scrapbooks I bought from Hope's!

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Love the spice rack! So much so that I did a reverse image search to try to find one for myself. I found ONE on ebay and the "Buy It Now" price is $75. Good find!


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