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Friday, August 17, 2012

House Like A Ghost

House Like A Ghost

I drive past this abandoned house every day on my way to work. Something inside me wanted to stop today for the first time in the ten years I’ve lived down the street…so I did.

The roof was beginning to turn to earth; the smell of mold and moss were abundant. An amazing tree was thriving in the back yard and, judging from the small holes on every corner of the two small abandoned buildings, so were a few raccoon families. Oddly enough, the fragrant rot yields fond memories of exploring abandoned cottages in the mountains of Oregon with my brother, as a child. I could have probably stayed a little longer than I should have (it was private property, after all). I won’t lie, though; I was a little worried that a luminescent face would appear mysteriously in the window when I went to edit my pictures. Thankfully, the spirits of the wood were still asleep before sunset, when I pulled away with my tripod and a thousand mosquito bites.

My outfit is 100% thrifted locally, for less than $10, with the exception of the boots, which were a $2 thrifted find on my recent vacation in the upper peninsula of Michigan. It’s been cool and beautiful this week; a precursor to the fall weather on the horizon, no doubt!

The awesome bun I’m rocking today was a trick I’ve been meaning to try for a while! I’d seen a few tutorials and then Love Maegan (one of my favorite fashion bloggers) showed up with this amazing bun using the same technique! I finally got around to trying “the sock bun”. I’m a changed woman forever! No bobby pins, perfectly wrapped, and it stayed all day. Here's a cute silly little tutorial to try from Mr. Kate! It is really quite an awesome trick.

Have a lovely weekend! I’ll be no where to be found. I’ve decided to clean out my closet and just the thought alone scares the hell out of me. That and an early morning run and trip to the farmer’s market may be the only things I accomplish all weekend…


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  1. LOVE this dress!!!! and the hair! :D

  2. Thank you so much, Rachel! :) That was a Grand Haven Hope's Outlet find. :)


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