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Sunday, August 12, 2012

16 Ways...Scarf Tutorial #12: Nice Ascot


It’s another “16 Ways” tutorial today and just one more Instagram iPhone series as I catch up on all of my photo edits and outfit shots from vacation a week or so ago!

Today’s scarf look is the “ascot”. This is definitely an easy way to add some “swag” to any outfit, and it works on multiple levels…tucked into just about any style shirt, layered with jackets, or by itself!

My layered ascot look was with a tailored shirt dress. I took the colored scarf for a bit of color and tucked it into the collar of the shirt dress, followed by the layer of a black cardigan. I then belted it with blue to pick up on the bright colors in the scarf and my nails for a black/blue/teal combo. I also hopped on the "teal eyeliner" bandwagon and did a bright liner; I didn't use a pencil but rather, used an exacto eye brush with some teal powder and water to create a colorful powder liner that accented the scarf I wore. Here's a simple little tutorial using liquid. I own the teal liner from Wet'n Wild and really love it, as well as the E.L.F. eyelid primer which is great--particularly for the price! I've already mentioned in blogs past that I LOVE my E.L.F. makeup brushes. But this tutorial adds a little extra element with some additional black contouring--so check it out!

Back to the look--I feel like I was channeling a distinctly vintage flight attendant vibe…and I totally dig it. My son snapped the picture above…he’s turning into quite a little shutterbug like his mom.

Below, you’ll find a few different ways to do the ascot, though the first is my favorite, and some classic ascot looks (though there have been many modern, fresh twists on the ascot like this fabulous crochet version) . If you ask me, I think Micheal Cain does it with a tremendous amount of swagger…he’s got great style. Love his classic looks!

The moral of the story is...ascot...go try it out, and put a little extra "Carey Grant" in your step today. ;)


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