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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

St. Vincent De Paul of Munising, Michigan

St. Vincent De Paul of

Munising, Michigan

Here I am, weeks after vacation and just now getting around to editing and sharing my pictures! Oh, the shame! The truth is that my life has just now returned to normal, and it’s about to be uprooted again by fall school schedules, portrait sessions, and all of the other things I have quickly filling my agenda.

Alas! Vacation seems a far away dream now, along with the beautiful Pictured Rocks of Munising, Michigan. I took so many wonderful pictures on our sunset cruise that I haven’t even begun to edit yet! The town of Munising itself was so quaint and small. I really appreciated the local beauty and unlike so many other destination spots, prices on just about everything are very reasonable—including the thrift! I won’t tell you that there was a HUGE abundance of fabulous clothing to be had, but it was certainly fun looking, and I did score some gems.

One of the highlights on the downtown Munising streets was definitely this colorful building—St. Vincent De Paul’s! The owners were very friendly and it was just so darn cute in there. The day I arrived, the “bargain basement” downstairs was boasting a $5 bag sale (“Anything Goes!”) and so I couldn’t resist! I found some prize items and also snapped these pictures as I sniffed around. I’d recommend popping in if you are the area!

Welcome to Munising! (Reflection in the store window. )

I really did want to bring this cute as heck retro furniture set back with me
(there were several pieces) in marigold and sea foam. Sigh.

Things were staged quite cutely upstairs.

...If I had been in the market for a cat cookie jar...Is it too late to drive back and get this???

The basement was painted just as adorably as the outside of the building. It was so fun! I must say the basement was also very clean indeed. It was fun to peruse.

I say it's a must stop for thrifting in the upper peninsula of Michigan if you make it to Munising!


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  1. I agree that St. Vincent's in Munising, MI, is a destination upon itself! Hope you make it back to visit us again soon... the gals have been busy painting the upstairs, too! (it was a long Winter!) Bring your sunglasses! : )


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