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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

$1.33 : Say It With Tacos

$1.33: Say It With Tacos.

Or a taco-themed plastic shopping bag!

What is “it”?

Hello, of course!

I don’t just rely on thrifted items for decorations, fashion, and entertainment--sometimes I go just for a laugh—but I also go to find unique and hilarious items for my friends!

Nine times out of ten, I find that the gifts are not only appreciated and cherished, but there is a reduced pressure in saying, “Hey—I picked this up while I was thrifting. Isn’t it funny? Don’t worry—it only cost a quarter. But I was thinking of you. And now you know!” Don't assume that your friends will be offended by thrift just because it isn't "new". As long as it isn't underwear or hand lotion. (However, if you're looking to REALLY pack a punch with a hilarious gag gift, well, used underwear is pretty damn funny. Hahaha!)

Also consider friends who collect vintage or antique but never have time to get out and DO IT. They will worship you for the treasures you find for them. Trust me!

I couldn’t resist this plastic taco themed bag for a girlfriend of mine who is pretty fond of the beloved Mexican menu item—I hope she doesn’t see my blog before I can give it away. ;)

The cute vintage cards are so hilarious and kitschy I just couldn’t resist. Most of them are vintage Hallmark and not only are they pure awesome, they are noticeably vintage card stock and envelopes, which I LOVE. Don’t underestimate the power of the handwritten card! Especially the goofy, vintage handwritten card!

Last but most definitely not least, the artifact I begrudgingly left behind…the awesome lacquered “Wood Slab Jesus”. Oh, Wood Slab Jesus, you wanted to come home with me, or find yourself as a present for my friends who collect vintage religious artifacts. You are pure '70s gold, and celestial to boot! Will I go back to Lakeshore Rescued Treasures in Grand Haven, Michigan to buy you for $2.50?

Only time will tell.

For today, though, I was feeling cheap, and each of my treasures—all intended as gifts-- stacked up in the cents region, totaling $1.33. Those measly numbers will surely bring the recipients of said treasures priceless, abounding joy. Or else. :D

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  1. So many fun things to find at thrift stores!


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