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Friday, August 24, 2012

Oxblood Upcycle: Re-purposing Thrifted Handbag And Shoes!

Earlier today I posted a fun fall color trend collection focused on one of 2012 hottest color trends for fall: Oxblood. I wanted to follow through with a DIY for recovering a thrifted purse and shoes in this hot color! It turned out amazingly well and I can't wait to put together an outfit with my newly re-purposed shoes and bag!

What you'll need: 
 --Items to recover (I bought a boxy leather shoulder bag and a pair of boots for $3 total this afternoon.)
-- Spray paint (as you can see from the images below, I chose "RustOleum" paint plus in "Claret Wine")
--A well ventilated area to spray and leave items to dry
--Painter's or masking tape if there is any hardware, heels, or areas to be covered and not painted on your items
--Plastic bags or newspaper to stuff inside shoes so that spray paint doesn't get inside

I first taped off the hardware on my bag and the heels of my shoe!

I sprayed the items in fine, short sprays and covered them with about three full coats of the spray paint. I'm hoping this will hold up for wear and tear, but I'll report back. I resisted the urge to spray anything else in order to save a bit for touchups later on...but I might not be able to resist painting a matching belt! :)

What a difference!!! I LOVE the result. The bag and shoes are both so much richer and more attractive in this shade. I'm especially in love with the length and strap on the bag. This was a total WIN!

SO, TO RECAP: I reinvented a pair of shoes and a bag in a hot fall color today for a total of $6.33, including the cost of spray paint--and I still have paint left for touch-ups and maybe another project. What do you have already IN your closet to re-purpose? How can we take the old and the secondhand, and make new with it? How can we be fashionable, frugal, and conserve resources? 


  1. this is GENIUS! I was wondering how i was going to do the oxblood thing :D thanks for all your great ideas!

  2. Thanks for reading and appreciating Rachel! :) I hope to see your project if you recover's so easy to do! :)

  3. Love how the bag turned out!

    --- Nicole

  4. Hey, I just saw this, think it's great :D. One question - spray paints usually smell bad, how did you get rid of the smell?

    1. Hi Aleksandra! Thanks for reading and your comment! =) Honestly, the bag and shoes aired out really quickly--I'd say a week total and the smell was gone. I know what you mean, though. I'm not a fan of that lingering paint smell. They have both held up very well. The one caveat was that after a year or so, the creases in the shoes got a little dry and showed some cracks. The purse has last beautifully!


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