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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Black and Blue: Through and through!

BLACK AND BLUE: Through and Through!

I love black and blue together. I'm not exactly certain why, but this year, it has been a go-to color combination for me. I find it to be a striking yet professional color blocking combination if you work in an office or another professional environment. Although I think it is flattering on everyone, for some reason, I feel like it is exceptionally fierce on blondes. What do you think?

OUTFIT DETAILS: 100% thrifted: vintage Blair blouse with microsuede black skirt. Tights were a brand new clearanced item (Merona from Target) found at Goodwill for .99, still sealed in the package. I bought two! Fioni black suede heels were a garage sale find from this weekend for one dollar. I'll have a post on some thrifted/garage sale found items over the weekend!

As you can likely observe, these pictures were taken with my iPhone and Instagram rather than my DSLR. It was just too easy to let a snappy (but lower quality) photo session sneak in on my way to work this morning. I'm getting more brave and adventurous as the days go on, the more comfortable I get in my skin. Perhaps you've noticed, but I'm a shrinking woman! It's been a LONG and slow journey, and one that I'm still traveling, but I have made it over a bit of a plateau hump I was teetering on. It's great to have things "moving along" once more. My lifestyle is healthy already--I love healthy foods, and I'm a regular runner and exerciser--but even with a reduced calorie plan, things just had been stagnating. I'm glad to be losing again! For anyone wondering, I'm participating in the Weight Watchers original point system, and I'm really loving it! I started getting results immediately with just a 400 calorie reduction in my normal eating. Sometimes it just takes a slight tweak, I guess!

But, I digress....back to the fashion at hand!

Black and blue also happen to be right next to eachother on the fashion "color wheel".
I'll be honest--whatever looks good to me, I just roll with! That said, the wheel is a great resource. It certainly can provide inspiration for new ideas on what to combine, and how!

I'm including some quoted and linked material from today for you to utilize. It's great (and inspiring) information to have on hand!

You can make the following combos using the color wheel as your guide:

1. Colors directly next to each other (i.e. yellow and yellow-orange; yellow and yellow-green; violet and blue-violet, etc.)

2. Colors that form right (90 degree) angles with each other (i.e. yellow and red-orange; blue and violet-red; green and orange, etc.)

3. Colors directly across from each other (i.e. yellow and violet; blue and orange; red and green, etc.)

4. Colors that form a T (i.e. blue, orange, and violet-red; yellow, violet, and red-orange; yellow, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)

5. Colors that form an X (i.e. blue, orange, violet-red, and yellow, violet, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)

Since brown is a neutral, it will go with virtually any color on the color wheel. I love to pair a chocolate brown with cobalt blue or fuchsia or bright red—such a fun and bold combo. Of course white, black, and the hues of blue found in denim are also neutrals that go with just about anything.


  1. I was also thinking about starting weight watchers. And that outfit is so cute today! It is also showing up in Spanish for me. =)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Marie! :) I have a renegade weight watchers board started on Facebook if you'd like to join. :D I don't know what the heck is up with the social plug in happening in Spanish, lol! I've tried for hours to figure it out...


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