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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Excuse me while I

...Pick up the pieces after vacation!

I'm feeling utterly behind as I scramble to catch up on work at the office, blog posts, and picture edits! Holy moly!

It was a great vacation though, with my son, my little sister and my mom, as we explored our old stomping grounds at Mackinac Island in Michigan and then traveled up to Munising to experience the lovely painted rocks. When we got home, I was mauled by my kitten Junior, who apparently REALLY missed me, as he climbed my leg like a tree (explaining the first of many scratches on my leg in the picture above), haha!

I'm sure I don't need to say how hard it is to get back "into" the groove after 8 days of doing whatever I please, but I thought I'd start with just a little fun Instagram accessory post today using my iphone.

These cute as heck black and white plaid pumps looked to be brand new and were only $2 thrifted, along with the stacked rings that were both antique mall finds. I'll post about THAT soon! I did silver nails and a black dress with a vest today, and the shoes made the outfit, in my opinion.

See you soon for more outfits, thrifting, and scenery pics!

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