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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Menswear: It's so feminine


MENSWEAR: It's so feminine.

Don't you agree? I love it so, and I sometimes forget about the great collection of ties, suit vests and sweater vest that I have tucked away in my closet. Today it just felt right to pull them out and put a little something together (naturally the tie and blouse are thrifted, along with cap from Old Navy--it's literally about 8 years old!), Gap pin stripe suit vest (a clearance item), thrifted skinny jeans and also thrifted heels (red suede Nine West platform heels).

If you love women in menswear you won't want to miss the inspiring "Women in Menswear" pinboard I've created on Pinterest for your menswear outfit building enjoyment! CHECK IT OUT HERE! I couldn't forget about some of my favorite "mens style" icons like Diane Keaton!

In other news, I've been behind in blog entries due to an absolute mad rush of preparation for the Thrift Trick Fashion Show. It's hard to believe our dress rehearsal is schedule for only a few days away! I'll be posting lots of content so don't forget to keep up. 

Menswear: Thrift TrickMenswear: Thrift Trick

Menswear: Thrift Trick

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