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Monday, June 10, 2013

Guerilla street fashion at Hatter Days: Holland, Michigan

I had a great time stumbling upon the New Holland Brewery Hatter days 2013 this weekend on on a Holland day trip by complete accident! How I missed the hype for this West Michigan brewing town event I don't know, but it was a ton of fun. Michigan craft brew was flowing and circus performers dressed to the theme of Alice and Wonderland ran haphazardly through the blocked off streets, which housed beer on tap as well as performance stages for groups like Michigan's The Crane Wives and Maps and Atlases.

I myself am more of a "spirits" gal, so I really enjoy New Holland's artisan vodkas (they have lots of yummy flavors like citrus and other fruity culminations).  However, I have to say that (even though I prefer stouts and porters to IPA's) I sampled some of my boyfriend's Michigan Hatter and it was pretty darn good! 

I didn't pack along the SLR camera in the name of light traveling, but I couldn't resist grabbing a few guerrilla fashion photos for you. I also have a few iPhone pictures to share of what I wore Saturday: a cropped jean jacket, thrifted black and white striped tee, thrifted black capris and thrifted red suede Nine West Heels. The small red leather satchel was also a secondhand find, along with the enamel cuff, which I also featured in my last outfit post: White Jeans: It's Memorial Day!

Read on for a few more fun fashion highlights. Hope your week is off to a great start!

I LOVED this sheer elephant print tunic. 
The pattern is so fun and I'm also really loving the burnt orange color.

Yellow is a fantastic way to brighten up and modernize a nautical look. Next time you are 
finding yourself a little tired of the classic red, white and blue, throw in a pop of bright yellow or nude! This combo caught my eye outside and I stole in for a shot of the evidence.

Fashion statement?  What do human pretzels wear these days, anyhow?


P.S.:  We escaped the busy crowd across the street for just a bit to enjoy some dinner and folk music at The Curragh! The environment is cozy and the service was great.  I really liked the veggie burger I ordered and I'd recommend it as a great dinner or lunch stop on your tour of Holland!

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