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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hair Today: Pinteresting


Pictured above is my first image in my fun new challenge and mobile pic series, "Pinterest Weekly Hair Challenge"! Each week I'll be posting two new hairstyles inspired by tutorials and pictures from Pinterest. I'll be sure to post the original inspiration pin here for you to follow along with! You can follow my entire hairstyle board, "Hair Pretties", on Pinterest, or find my entire profile @Channystar! What's the point? Just to try something new and be honest about awesome successes and epic fails when it comes to Pinterest tutorials. Follow along with me!

This week's choice was a bit of a "twist" on a low, nape of the neck bun. It was an entirely simple process that started with a simple low ponytail. I used a hairtie, 6-7 large bobbypins and a flower clip (which I made in a DIY a few years ago)!  The result was very elegant and stayed in all day. I'd say this look was a win!  Check out the original pin below and don't forget to follow along. Post your hair pictures on the Thrift Trick facebook page or tweet your images @ThriftTrick!

                            THE ORIGINAL PIN: What do you think? Hit or Miss?

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