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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jenna's Finds and Grand Rapids Highlights

Oh, hey Sgt. Pepper!

No, they do not sell cute dogs like Jenna's Pepper at thrift stores, generally. But you CAN usually get all kinds of cute clothes, accessories, household items and more! Remember the Besties in G-Rap thrifting session? I thought you might want to see a few of the things Jenna picked up and hear about some of our thrifting spots. Enjoy!

Cute little mosaic teapot…

Vintage Pendleton Wool Plaid Blazer, vintage Nancy Drew and a cute red clutch!

Another teapot! Sense a theme?

Trying to avoid more teapots and mugs is the bane of my existence, and I share that with my friend. :) Neither of us can resist a good vintage blazer...though a voicemail from Jenna reported to me the other day that since becoming thrift obsessed she is hoarding just about every vintage tweed to be found on the racks of Grand Rapids thrift stores, haha! Not pictured here are the mega blinged out rhinestone bead clip-ons I talked Jenna into picking was my good deed for the know mama likey that kinda stuff....

Here are a few locations we visited that I would recommend:


SALVATION ARMY: 1491 S. Division Grand Rapids, MI, 49507

GOODWILL: 200 S, Division Grand Rapids, MI, 49507

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL's: 1314 S. Division Grand Rapids, MI, 49507

A perfect trifecta if you are looking to pack a punch in a quick Grand Rapids, MI thrifting jaunt. You can finish up with some lunch or dinner at ROCKWELL's REPUBLIC like we did. They had house cilantro infused vodka and a bloody mary was awesome. So was the Turkey Reuben and sushi we had for lunch!

Within walking distance to Goodwill!

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