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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Candy Hearts with Purpose

No, it isn't an ORIGINAL idea (are there any???) and like so many other cute ideas popping up out there on crafts that you can do, it came from Pinterest, of course! Follow me on Pinterest here! I saw it in my craft feed and a teacher I work with at my school did one with her children. They decorated pencils with paper flowers--so this idea easily transitions to child-friendly crafting. I wish I had pinned the original idea so I could credit them here, but I have seen similar items many times in the past, so there are likely many floating around out there!

It turned out to be a fun and quick project that I made for my son's teachers at the elementary school as a present for Valentine's day. Both of the glass jars are upcycled (you can find so many interesting shapes and sizes at your local thrift store--in Muskegon, MI they would average .49-2.00) and likely you could find something new at Dollar Tree or a similar dollar store, but why not recycle? They are a cinch to make!

After getting the glass, I simply filled with candy hearts and made these fabric flower topped pens by wrapping the pen caps in ribbon, creating the fabric and satin flowers, and hot gluing!

(Check out lots of search results and tutorials for fabric flower making HERE.)
If you don't want to make fabric flowers, just purchase silk or plastic flowers, snip and glue them on to the pen caps with hot glue or even floral tape!

They turned out so darling and who doesn't need a few cute pens for their desk?
You will need:

Glass Jars
Fabric Scraps
Buttons, extra decorations
Pens or Pencils
Ribbon (if you care to wrap tips before gluing)
Candy Hearts (these two jars used 3 small bags to fill)
Hot glue gun and glue

Estimated Time: 1 hour

Estimated Cost: around $7.00 for two provided that you have fabric and hot glue on hand already).

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