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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Heather-y print Sherri Lynn and Curls

Vintage Sherri Lynn

I really love this vintage's heather-y, pretty reds, purples and blues, and it's comfy as heck. The bonus, of course, is that I picked it up for $1.59! I paired it with my favorite brown belt and those cognac Lei boots that I wear ALL the time (are you tired of seeing them yet?)

Also pictured is a statement ring I made, shown in my Hitting The New Year with New Purpose post and a thrifted plastic and gold bangle. No earrings with this outfit because I liked the simple flower and curls in my hair.

This is the story of my crazy curls…

I used sponge rollers--30 of them--to try and achieve this fabulous look from Love Maegan's Affro Curl Tutorial. Besides LOVING her look, I really wanted to have a super curly fro for my band, Chantron, and our next gig, which is St. Patty's day at West Side Inn in Muskegon. We are doing a 70's theme for a video we are shooting and I thought it would be perfect!

Whoops! Wrong Decade.

Instead of getting that fabulous '70s curly fro, I ended up in the wrong decade, looking like a whitebread version of Rick James in the '80s. Or like a guitarist from Cinderella. LUCKILY, a little styling and pinning with an updo took these curls from Def Leppard to a super cute hairstyle. Back to the drawing board with more (and smaller!) sponge rollers!

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