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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thrift Sessions: Besties in G-rap

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's day! I threw in a picture of the tulips the hubby got me; I've always loved them so much!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of a lovely afternoon of lunch, cocktails and thrifting with one of my best gal pals, Jenna. We went on her "route"--which was recently established when she moved to Grand Rapids. This thrills me because 1) I love thrifting in Grand Rapids and 2) Jenna used to be more of a retail gal, and now she is turning into a thrift addict...and I'd like to think that I'm a small part of it! Haha! :)

We both found some great thrift finds! Over the next few days, I'll be posting thrift finds and outfits from our adventure. I'm starting with some of the things that I picked up!

I TRIED to resist this vintage royal blue dress with a plunging neckline and lavender suede accents in my size because it was $5 (you know I like my dollar dresses!)...but I simply couldn't.

The beer steins and mention of pretzels sold me on this record for .50. Can't wait to put it up in the bar! It is pictured here with the vintage red gingham short sleeve blouse I bought for 1.29 the same day. It is late 60's and I can't WAIT to wear it.

Jenna spotted this little white clutch for $2 (overpriced, I think) and thought it was cute, there wasn't much drawing me to it until I saw the quadrilateral way it opens and the little sliding clip at the top. Cute and interesting! It is pictured on a vintage scarf I bought as well.

Vintage pink rhinestone clip-ons...just had to.

This crazy bird brooch HAD to come home with me for .99 cents.

Yellow rhinestone clip-ons! I know...I need to stop.

This crab tie called out to me...and I responded. I'll post an outfit shot with it soon; pictured in the background was a book I picked up for my son that is a favorite, Lous Ehlert's Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf.

Jenna also talked me into buying this glass loose leaf tea pot and at $2.50, it wasn't too hard to convince me. I'm already excited about some fun "infusions" I am planning on making this week--I was rifling through my spice cupboard yesterday while making chai and got some great ideas!

Look for more entries this week on our Grand Rapids adventure, including an outfit shot with Jenna and her thrifting finds as well!

See you then...


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