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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Classic Holiday

This was my classic holiday outfit for Thanksgiving! You know, I had alot of fun modeling this today. This blog has been an awesome journey already because I am learning to accept my large frame even though I'm constantly trying to change it. My whole life I have been "transitional"...always struggling with my weight, and hiding my body. Even though I'm always hoping to be "one size smaller", I still love fashion. It's been a blast letting go of the fear and stepping in front of the camera to share some of my outfits. If there is anyone out there reading, thanks for sharing the journey with me. And don't be shy! Let me know your story. Happy Thanksgiving to all--I'm thankful for so much this year.

Hey! Recognize this yellow clutch from last week's thrift? It was only a couple of dollars.

I felt very classic in this outfit.

The yellow clutch went nicely with the brand new Vera Wang dress I found for $7, new with tags, at Goodwill.

There's that little necklace from yesterday's thrift. Cute piece. Worked perfectly for this outfit! Remember, that was 99 cents?

I did a nude/irridescent nail with this and I thought it looked very nice!

Vintage abalone and shell ear rings from Salvation Army, 99 cents. They are the old fashioned "screw on" kind. My ears are slowly getting used to these. They can really sting at first. However, I find alot of great vintage earrings that are "screw on".

The heels I wore were a thrift find. They were in great shape. They are actually a dark eggplant, peep toe. Sarah Jessica Parker's line, "Bitten" for Steve and Barry's. I actually really like that line!

Did you dress up for Thanksgiving?

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