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Saturday, November 19, 2011

I made a scarf for a dog.

Yep. I made a scarf for a dog.

Meet Sergeant Pepper, my lovely best friend Jenna's chihuahua. I've never been much of a small dog person...but he's so out of control cute, I just can't help myself. When he came over the other night with his "person" for holiday Starbucks and a short visit, I couldn't take it. I had to whip out this little scarf for him.

I'm not much on tutorials, but it was a tiny rectangular piece--one side with ribbed teal cotton, the flip side with white fleece (also featured at the end and fringed). The best part of this design is what I add to all my homemade winter scarves elastic loop on one end with a button on the other side of the scarf for easy (and fashionable) fastening. I designed my son's hat and scarf the same way and it always lays so perfectly when you use a firm fabric or two layers of fleece. The brass button on Pepper's version seemed so regal. :D

Here's a quick mobile snapshot of my son's hat and scarf. Total sewing time on this was literally 45 minutes. So easy.

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