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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A hoot and a half...

In another blog I posted about the cutest little owl pendant that I had found while out thrifting for a dollar, so today I decided to post the first outfit with it. It's been a while since I've rocked a sweater vest! This navy blue one was, ofcourse, a $1.59 special. The black shirt underneath it was a freebie from my mom--it's that great stretchy synthetic polyster stuff that is so forgiving and hangs nicely on everyone. Jeans (Gloria Vanderbilt, which I think is Kmart) were another Goodwill find for $3 a few years ago, when "skinny jeans" first became popular. Ofcourse, they aren't "skinny" jeans on my size 14 frame, lol! But I find if I were them with a fitted top and boots they are pretty flattering!

The boots I have are one of my brand new purchases this year. I am a thick shorty and I have HUGE calves. Boot shopping is such a headache for me. I can never wear what I want to! This year I actually found a pair of black calf boots I liked at Target for $40. They have a stretchy panel sewn in the back so they are super comfortable. The only thing I don't particularly love is that they sometimes are a little too stretchy and the fabric gathers in spots. Next year I think I'll try something a little different, but for the bigger girl looking for a good versatile calf boot...good choice!
Ofcourse I have that adorable little owl pendant on. The watch is something I made myself...I bought an old watch for a dollar at a thrift store and I bought the pretty velcro bracelet at the dollar store--that weird one by my house with all of the cool stuff. I actually sewed the watch face right on to the bracelet. So many choices in making a neat watch if you upcycle. Try it out!
Cool beaded/mirror bracelet cuff was a wacky yard sale find this summer for 35 cents. That's right!

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