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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fabulous DIY necklace!

In my travels online, I recently stumbled upon a great fashion blog with a slew of fantastic DIY fashion projects, including a multi-strand DIY necklace. (The one you see pictured to your left is my version). Here is the original link--I absolutely love hers:

I'm not sure exactly why I haven't tried this before; Lord knows I like to layer. But actually fashioning them into one solid piece that is fastened I hadn't done, and I knew immediately that I had some great pieces to use together!

I already had a multi-strand piece from Tarjay (Target) that I bought on clearance for $2.50 last year! I affixed ALL secondhand pieces to it and also a pink toned charm bracelet that I received as a Christmas present ten years ago and haven't worn much since. I actually sewed and fastened my bits together with thread and the jewelry clasps and parts themselves.

The result was LOVE all the way; I can't believe how much I love this piece and I can't wait to wear it with an outfit!

My vintage dress form "Kay" offered to model it. :D

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